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Bilingual sketches (5)
Texte en anglais

Ann ROCARDComédie à sketchesClown
Multiples et variés

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. Vive la météo ! / . Long live the weather forecast
. La lampe magique / . The magic lamp
. La claque / . The slap
. La plus belle des poubelles / . The most beautiful dustbin : 6 or 7 minutes (1996)
. Les robots /. The robots
Bobos bidons (version anglaise : Phony ailments)
Texte en anglais

Ateliers théâtre ados 9/11 ans
Patrick MERMAZComédieChronique familiale
102G 2Fi
1G 3Fi
1Fe 2G 1Fi
1Fe 1G 2Fi
1Fe 3Fi
1H 2G 1Fi
1H 1G 2Fi
1H 3Fi
Three weeks before the summer holidays, three schoolmates concoct ailments to prevent them from going to school
Don Juan Crusoe
Texte en anglais
Régis MENEYComédie dramatiqueAffirmation de soi
751H 1Fe
As a result of a shipwreck the serial seducer is marooned on a desert island with a lone girl, Galatea. She has been prejudiced against men by an embittered mother.
He artfully manages to seduce her, but the forced monogamy soon palls.
Thanks to a 'godsend' from the sunken ship, he will be able to play Pygmalion in order to 'multiply' his girl Friday.
As she stands her ground in defen...
Double Dreamburger
Texte en anglais
Alan ROSSETTComédie grinçanteChoc des époques
1203H 2Fe
Double Dreamburger is an English language tragi-comedy. Produced in London, Australia, New York, Paris. A mid-West 1950 family unit: Dad's got a bad heart, teen-age son hides his homosexuality, kid sis her pregnancy...and Mom's keeps the home fire's burning. Twenty years later, she's got them into dope addiction, flower power and sexual group therapy. Colour this cartoon black and funny Daily Ma...
Girl at her Mirror
Texte en anglais
Alan ROSSETTComédie dramatiqueArt
Image de soi
Who has not dreamed of looking in a mirror and seeing the person one once was... or the one who's waiting ahead.
Mirror, faithful companion of every woman, successively flattering, ironic and cruel, witness of an entire life. Two actresses, one young, one old, trace the journey of a woman, from her conventional beginnings in the French provinces, through her tumultuous collisions with the art ...
Gosh !!! A ghost !
Texte en anglais
Gérard AFFAGARDComédie fantastiqueCampagne électorale
1059H 6Fe

Distribution Modulable
Tom arrives suddenly in a new world, just after he's dead : it's the world of ghosts. However it's far from sadness !
Him and Her
Texte en anglais
Jean-Pierre MARTINEZComédie à sketchesCouple
Tranches de vie

16H 16Fe

Distribution Modulable
Him and Her, Interactive Monologue, comedy for one, two, three, four, five, six, seven... couples. About the exciting adventure of living together. Him and Her was created in may 2006 in Marseille at the Théâtre Marie-Jeanne then performed in various theaters of Marseille and its region. Since then, the play has been staged in Paris at the Théâtre Darius Milhaud, and then at the Bouffon Théâ...
The Goodies
Texte en anglais
Alan ROSSETTComédieApprentissage de la vie
Beware of au pair girls ! Annie, first-time mother at 35, goes to back work with the help of au pair girls...each more disquieting than the last. Bibi, 18, flies off to Paris, throwing herself into Annie's world...and the others after Annie...
Winston Churchill. The decision which saved the world
Texte en anglais
Bernard FRIPIATEpopée historiqueDémocratie
Droits de l'Homme
Histoire contemporaine
902H 1Fe
After Germany, Austria, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Denmark, Norway, Holland and Belgium, the Nazi shadow has now fallen over France. With Italy as an active ally, Spain As passive onlookers, Russia and the USA wait in a sort of cautious neutrality, while the Nazi ogre attempts to bring an isolated England to its knees.
10 May : 500 bombers set London ablaze.
The same day, Rudolf Hess flies to S...